Problem Areas / Difficult Aspects

We, the members of GoodGuyGauchos, have been analyzing the ethical scenarios and dilemmas between Steve Zissou and Angelica Kingsley. It has been relatively easy identifying the moral dilemmas they face, but resolving the conflicts according to a particular ethical framework has required more thought and research. As mentioned before, we recommend that Steve try to promote gender equality in the workforce and lead through example on how to become more aware and understanding of the challenges womyn face. In case you’re wondering, the spelling of women as “womyn” is not a typo. The Womyn Creating Consciousness Collectively at Michigan State University provides an explanation on the term.

It is important to point out that this alternative spelling of the word “woman” is not about men.  It is about womyn.  It is about reclaiming a term, that has been used as a reason to discriminate and oppress us for centuries, and making it our own.  These alternative spellings of the word “woman” is about the redefinition of ourselves, as we are spiritually, socially, and physically, on our own terms and not in relation to men. Throughout our lives as womyn, we have different and unique experiences that differ from the experiences of men in our society.  It is our way of telling the world that we DO exist separately from men in our society and that we should be acknowledged as such.

Although some would find the alternate spelling laughable, the ideology brings to light how seemingly trivial, everyday occurrences may be causing intentional or unintentional discrimination. These microaggressions often go unnoticed in society by those in power who are privileged. The problems Angelica faces at her work are examples. For instance, the remarks about whether Angelica should be referred as “Miss Honey” or “Mrs. Honey” may seem like a harmless question to the men, but it is an example of a microaggression womyn face in their daily lives. To truly resolve the moral dilemmas in the scenarios, we must first understand how they come about. We will be looking more into the systemic oppression of womyn in the workforce, especially in STEM, and how male privilege causes microaggressions which over time has adverse effects for not only womyn but men as well. We plan on considering a Utilitarian, Fairness/Justice, and Realistic ethical framework. We want the greatest good for the greatest number of people, but we realize that realistically compromises may have to be made. Clearly, Angelica is outnumbered by the men so a Fairness/Justice framework will have to be taken into account. Finding the best course of action for Steve and Angelica will be key.




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